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How long do boilers last?

9 Answers

Answered by Wakefield Boiler Services

11th July 2020

Wakefield Boiler Services answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

A modern condensing boiler will last as long as how well it has been put in and to what standard of maintenance it has had every year . Id be expecting new boilers to last anything between 5-15 years , with many factors involved in that . Mainly the length of the warranty , longer the warranty the longer it will last . If we have a boiler that has a short warranty and a part fails in it , depending on the part price the customer may prefer to have a boiler replacement and go for a longer warranty product then .

Answered by Stroud Boilerworks

21st October 2019

Stroud Boilerworks answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

Boilers last a lot longer if they are well fitted in the first place and serviced annually! They do not last as long as the old fashioned, cast ironed, permanent pilot, inefficient boilers of the past but I would expect to see 15 years use from a condensing combi boiler and more from a system and heat only boiler. I have however; seen boilers need replacing from 5 years old for many reasons but commonly internal water leaks which have gone unnoticed and unrepaired and have caused the critical boiler case to rust through. Also water leaks can damage other expensive parts making a replacement a better option than a repair and that is speaking as a boiler breakdown engineer.

Answered by BoilerOne

25th May 2019

BoilerOne answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

A boilers lifespan comes down to how it was installed and how it is looked after. Its important to find a competent gas safe registered installer and to add prevention methods to increase boiler lifespan such as lime beaters and magnetic filters if necessary. On average a boiler will last up to 15 years. BoikerOne recommend a yearly service to your boiler.

Answered by J. Wheatley Gas, Plumbing & Heating Limited

3rd May 2019

J. Wheatley Gas, Plumbing & Heating Limited answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

This totally depends on firstly whether the boiler was installed correctly and if it is services and maintained annually - genially speaking, most modern boilers now come with long guarantee and warranties and typically dependant on manufacturer - can easily last 10 - 12 years if maintained longer. If not maintained or installed correctly, boilers can last as little as 5+ years. Here at J.Wheatley Gas, we are trusted Ideal Gas Engineers and that means we can provide exclusive long warranties and Break down cover plans.

Answered by Thoroughbuild UK Services Ltd

22nd April 2019

Thoroughbuild UK Services Ltd answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

Manufacturers generally give a life expectancy of 12 years - how long they will actually last will depend of many factors. These factors are how its installed, how it's maintained, how often it's serviced, how additional products have/have not been used alongside with it to prolong it's life etc. Ideally you should get anything up to 15 years out of your boiler. If you look after it, it will look after you!

Answered by Rob Nicholas & Co.

19th March 2019

Rob Nicholas & Co. answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

The most important aspect of installing a new boiler is ensuring the water quality of the primary water (the water that circulates around the inside of your boiler and through the radiators) is kept to a high quality, this means chemical cleaning or flushing of the existing radiators and to ensure a chemical inhibitor is added to the system and checked and topped up on a regular basis, this can be easily checked by your service engineer with litmus papers or testing jars at your annual service. We would also always recommend fitting a magnetic filter to the heating pipework. The above combined with regular boiler servicing will prolong the life span of your boiler to its full potential.

Answered by S3 Heating and Plumbing

28th February 2019

S3 Heating and Plumbing answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

Whilst most boilers are warranted by the manufacturer for between 2 to 10 years it comes down to how you look after your boiler and whether it was installed by a competent installer in the first place. To make sure you get the most out of your boiler firstly try to use an engineer that is accredited by the boiler manufacturer which gives you some peace of mind they know about the boilers by the brand. This also helps you get a better warranty as some manufacturers give extra free warranty when fitted by an accredited installer. Secondly and most importantly make sure the boiler is serviced every year by the anniversary of the installation date. Make sure you use a reputable gas safe engineer, again it helps if he/she has knowledge of the boiler fitted or even better use the engineer that fitted it in the first place.

Answered by D.A Gas, Heating & Plumbing

24th February 2019

D.A Gas, Heating & Plumbing answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

Most modern boiler have a life span of between 12-18 years depending if they are maintained and serviced regularly. Looking after the boiler will ensure it runs at optimum efficiency and will last longer. most boilers come with warrantys ranging from 2-10 years depending on the manufacturere.

Answered by Stour Valley Plumbing

10th February 2019

Stour Valley Plumbing answered the question "How long do boilers last?"

Modern Condensing Boilers tend to last between 15 and 20 years. This is dependant on how well the boiler was originally fitted, regular servicing and the condition of the system that the boiler is connected to(Radiators and pipework) The boiler will last longer than the above time given but will not be cost effective to repair as the boiler will become unreliable and begin to need expensive parts and repair

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