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Udell Electrical Services

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Glasgow Based small family run electrical company serving Glasgow and surrounding areas Providing all aspects of electrical...

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About Udell Electrical Services

Glasgow Based small family run electrical company serving Glasgow and surrounding areas

Providing all aspects of electrical work

Light Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Electricians.

All aspects of electrical work undertaken please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Some examples of work covered.

. Full Electrical Rewires.
. New Build and extension Building wiring.
.Extra Power points.
. Fire alarms, Mains Powered Smoke Detectors.
. Inspection and Testing including Electrical Condition Reports (Commercial and Domestic Properties).
. Portable Appliance Testing PAT TESTING.
. Security lighting. Security Systems.
. Additional Telephone, TV and Computer points.

Udell Electrical Services Skills

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Access Control / Door Entry Systems

Aerial and Satellite Dish

Electrical Inspections / Tests

Outdoor Lighting & Power

Indoor Lighting & Power

Electrical Under Floor Heating Installations & Repairs

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All Advice by Udell Electrical Services Advice

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Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

There are many variables that might make light bulbs blow. Cheap light bulbs are generally made of a poor quality lots of vibration or movement while the bulbs are on will weaken and blow the bulb element Also old switches with dirty contacts can make an arc and send an electrical spike through to the bulb and blow the element Old age from the bulb being switched on and off a lot or being used for a long period of time Electrical spikes sent through the electrical network can cause bulbs to blow . This is very rare and generally if this happens a lot of electrical equipment is effected in your home

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What are the common signs a consumer unit / fuse boards needs to be replaced?

The common signs of needing a consumer unit upgrade are:- 1. Old re-wirable fuses (scorch marks on the fuse board) 2. Old rubber cabling entering the unit 3. New Additional circuits being Installed and the old consumer unit being too small and not having any free spaces to add more circuits 4. Defects found when an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) has been carried out 5. No RCD protection provided to protect the installation 6. Damage to the unit itself (broken or missing bits or fire damage) The above are likely suggestions and you should consult a qualified electrician to assess the state and safety of your current consumer unit

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What is the cost of installing a burglar alarm?

The cost varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the alarm system. A simple system could contain just one pir sensor per room to generally cover the room. A more robust and sensitive system you could have vibration sensors fitted to the windows on the downstairs. You can connect outside lighting, security gates and all sorts of external controls into the alarm. A honest professional alarm installer will be able to discuss your requirements and suggest the correct way to protect your property. Be vary wary of the company’s that offer alarms for £299.00 as these will be alarms of poor quality and you will likely have a poor installation job carried out. Also be wary of installing an DIY alarm these are designed to be simple systems and simple to install. They can simply be unplugged and disarmed easily by any willing criminal. They also require batteries to be changed regularly. If the batteries in the sensors run out this will mean that the system won’t be protecting your property properly

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Udell Electrical Services Contact Details

Phone: 0141 641 3221

Mobile Phone: 07582226776

Website: www.ueselectrical.com

Address: Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire , ML5 5FF