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S.I.A Property Services

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After previously working in property development for around 12 years, S.I.A property services was set up in 2016. We offer a...

S.I.A Property Services Review

Dan squared it away and must be a magican. posted 05/02/2021

Our downstairs toilet was small to say the least - Once he had stripped our old 'toilet' out it was found there wasn't the space we thought  we had, we had accidently told Dan we had more stud space than we had.  Truthfully, I thought I was about to get a new shoe cupboard but Dan thought out of the box and came to a solution  and we decided to move a wall slightly to accommodate the space needed. Although this was all Dans idea, at no point did I feel pushed into having more work done than we had originally planned.  Honestly, I do think a lot of trades people would have bulked at the job  but Dan seemed to enjoy the challenge had it not been for Dans ideas I would have a new Shoe room right now!  This took part of our porch out - but Dan took a lot of effort into making the porch aesthetically pleasing and more functional than before by making a cupboard for our gas meter and putting some new shelves in.  Throughout our project, Dan gave some really good ideas, and helped us action them going out of his way to get the materials. Truthfully, I firmly believe you get what you pay for. You could get Steve down the pub to knock you a new bathroom up, but you wouldn't get it executed so well, with ideas and also knowledge in different trades to be able to make a project so smoothly done.


Time Management: 5

Friendly Rating: 5

Tidiness: 5

Value Rating: 5

S.I.A Property Services Contact Details

Phone: 01623402048

Mobile Phone: 07977200282

Website: Www.siapropertyservices.com

Address: Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire , NG17 4HG