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What is a smart thermostat?

5 Answers

Answered by CH4 Installations Ltd

5th March 2021

CH4 Installations Ltd answered the question "What is a smart thermostat?"

CH4 Installations Ltd. What is smart heating control? How smart heating can save you money What is a smart thermostat? Smart heating is a thermostat that allows you to control and customise your heating remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you’ve got a hot water tank you can control that too. How do smart thermostats work? A smart thermostat aims to save energy by increasing and decreasing the temperature as quickly as possible. Smart thermostats try to avoid overshooting the target temperature by learning how your home heats up, so that the boiler switches off at just the right moment. What are the benefits of smart thermostats? They are easy and convenient to use, so you never have that “is the heating still on” moment again when you’re out of the house You can tell your thermostat when you’re going on holiday, so it pauses your normal schedules and automatically resumes when you get home Smart heating can be personalised to you and your family – you can set a different schedule every day easily from the Hive app For winter weekend lie-ins, you can turn up the heating without needing to get out of bed If your smart thermostat has Geolocation alerts, it can recognise when you are home, or when you are on your commute home, so it knows to turn the heating on Can smart thermostats help me save money? Yes – you can manage your energy efficiency a lot more easily with smart heating, learn about your energy consumption, and assess where you can cut down your usage. What do I need to get started? The simplest way to get started is with the Hive Thermostat Kit, which includes the thermostat to get the temperature right, the Hive Hub, to connect your products to your smartphone, and the Hive receiver, to link your products to your boiler. Do Hive thermostats work with Alexa and Google Home? Yes – Hive thermostats do work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, if your hands are full and you can’t tap the app, just say “Alexa, turn the heating off”. Even better, anyone in your family can do it. If you forgot to turn the heating off, you can also turn it off remotely using your phone. For further assistance contact us; Email – enquiries@ch4installations.com

Answered by Task Legends

23rd January 2021

Task Legends answered the question "What is a smart thermostat?"

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that can be controlled via an app on your smart phone, pretty much like: smart blinds, smart door bells, smart lights & switches, smart security cameras, smart locks, smart smoke & co alarms practically anything in the house or on your attire with smart at the beginning. As a hub it forms part of a smart home. Anything smart - Think climasmart :)

Answered by Stroud Boilerworks

21st October 2019

Stroud Boilerworks answered the question "What is a smart thermostat?"

A smart thermostat is an electrical device that needs to be wired in to your boiler or heating system to enable a user to control it remotely from an app on a phone/tablet or locally using the device. This would give you a lot more control than was previously found on boilers and could also save you money by stopping the boiler from working unnecessarily. The device would also make you more comfortable by setting the temperature to what you find comfortable and make sure it was ready when you need it. Another smart element is that the unit can adjust and control the boiler by itself once you have set it up to do so.

Answered by Pavlou Plumbers

2nd October 2019

Pavlou Plumbers answered the question "What is a smart thermostat?"

One thing to be aware of is not all smart thermostats are as smart as each other. The basic of a smart thermostat is to improve the effeciency of your boiler. Most modern boilers (not including Worcester) have what is called OpenTherm technology which is widely used technology which let's the smart controls communicate with more parts of the boiler so the boiler works at the most optimum level. For example.... A normal room thermostat which is set to 20 degrees will simply tell the boiler to switch of when the area reaches 20 degrees however there will still be hot water in the radiators or heat in the floor if you have underfloor heating. Most of the time the pump will carry on pumping the hot water around the system until the water cools down. This means the temperature would go slightly higher than 20 degrees. A smart control or thermostat would either tell the boiler to switch off earlier because it has learnt the temperature rise after the boiler has switched off or it would tell the gas valve, fan and pump to modulate down when the temperature is getting close to 20 degrees. This would cause the heat curve to be a lot closer to 20 degrees.

Answered by BPH - Blakemore Plumbing And Heating

27th September 2019

BPH - Blakemore Plumbing And Heating answered the question "What is a smart thermostat?"

Smart thermostats are products that let consumers remotely control their home temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for greater control over the central heating system. There are two types of “smart thermostat” one complies with the boiler plus requirement and the other doesn’t. In the first instance a smart thermostat just allowed control of the heating system via a tablet or smart phone. A boiler plus smart thermostat will not necessarily have the ability for you to control it via the internet but will incorporate an energy saving feature this could be: Automation is a function that allows the device to automatically control the heating system output in response to programmed demand (e.g. scheduling with temperature control) or occupancy detection, an advanced example of this is the use of geolocation. Optimisation means the device calculates how long it takes the property to reach the desired comfort level, and times the system’s operation to minimise the amount of work it has to do. Usually it also modulates the output of the boiler in a similar way to load compensation, so as little fuel as possible is consumed. Some also use local weather stations and take that data int account.

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