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Welcome to CH4 Installations Ltd. We are a TrustMark Licensed Company - The Only Government Endorsed Certified Scheme for Qu...

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About CH4 Installations Ltd

Welcome to CH4 Installations Ltd.

We are a TrustMark Licensed Company - The Only Government Endorsed Certified Scheme for Quality Standards and Fair Trades Registered/Approved Tradesmen.

Our installation engineers are fully qualified with over 30 years of extensive experience with proven track record and references from new build through to domestic and social housing properties. British Gas, Boxt, SSE and Various Housing Association approved contractor.

Gas Safe/Corgi registered since 1992. Installing servicing and repairing heating systems, providing everything from all types of gas Boiler installations/replacement to full central heating, including upgrades, system conversions and friendly advice.

Free estimates.

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Heating Engineer

Gas Boiler Installation, Servicing & Repair

Gas Safety / Landlord Certificates


Smart Thermostat Installation

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Is it a legal requirement to have a gas safety certificate?

Who Has to Get a Gas Safety (CP12) Certificate? UK landlords with gas appliances and fittings – including central heating, boilers and flues – must conduct an annual safety check conducted by a Gas Safe engineer. If you are unsure whether the Gas Safety Regulations Act (1998) applies to you, you can find out on the government’s Health And Safety Executive (HSE) website. If you are a landlord however, it is very likely that these laws do apply to you. You must keep record of the safety check for two years and supply new tenants with a copy of the certificate before they move in and within 28 days of completing a new check. Which Gas Appliances Need to Be Checked? Your legal duties as a landlord cover any gas appliances that you own and provide for the use the tenants of your property. If the tenant supplies their own gas appliances, then you will be responsible for its installation parts and pipework, but not the appliance itself. For full guidance refer to regulation 36(3) of the HSE Approved Code of Practice, on the duties of landlords with respect to safety checks. What about servicing and maintenance? The HSE regulations make a distinction between gas safety checks and the related servicing and maintenance activities that may need to be undertaken. As a landlord you have the responsibility of ensuring all appliances (specifically boilers), as well as pipes and flues, are operating safely at all times. Our recommendation is that maintenance be performed every 12 months to ensure proper functioning of the appliances.

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What is the most economical way to use central heating?

Thermostats in your home improve heating control and efficiency. Using a heating controller with thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and a room thermostat allows you to set the temperature in each room separately. Each TRV shuts off its radiator from the heating when the air around the valve reaches the desired temperature. Generally people prefer sleeping areas to be about 2 degrees C cooler than living areas so by using TRVs can improve comfort levels. Once each room is at the desired temperature and all the TRVs have shut off their radiators then a room thermostat, placed near one radiator without a TRV, can switch the entire boiler system off. This saves money as well as keeping the temperature at the right level. Also TRVs in rooms used only occasionally such as a spare room for guests, can be set at a low level so the room is not heated unnecessarily. For further guidance you can contact us, or your local heating engineer.

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What different types of boiler are there?

CH4 Installations Ltd. A BASIC GUIDE TO GAS BOILERS This is our ‘Beginners Guide’ to the different types of gas boiler systems. Nowadays all new boilers are energy-efficient, so choosing the right boiler is really about what is most practical and efficient for your home and usage requirements. Since 2010, all boilers must be (condensing) A-rated for energy efficiency. THERE ARE 3 MAIN TYPES OF  BOILER SYSTEM: Combi Boilers Combination Boilers, often referred to as ‘combi boilers’, are the most popular type of boiler in the UK. Combination boilers are energy efficient because they heat water directly from the mains water supply as and when you turn on a tap or shower. This means that they can provide unlimited heating and hot water rather heating water and storing it, so there is no need for a hot water tank or cylinder in a cupboard or in your loft. Combi systems use mains water pressure, so they provide good water pressure without the need for a pump. They are most suited to a household where there are one or two bathrooms and where there is not a high demand for hot water to be used at the same time. System Boilers System boilers, also known as a ‘sealed system’, require a cylinder for storing hot water, which is usually placed in an airing cupboard or the loft. The main heating components are in the boiler so there is no need for a water tank in the loft. These boilers are often used in homes with loft conversions and are suitable for properties where you need to run hot water for multiple uses around the home at the same time. Although they do not provide instant hot water and they can run out of water, meaning you will have to wait for it to reheat. Conventional Boilers Conventional boilers, sometimes known as ‘heat only’ ‘regular boilers’ or ‘open vent’ systems are usually installed with a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard fed by a cold water tank in the loft. These types of boilers provide stored hot water and are suitable for properties where you need to run hot water from multiple taps or showers at the same time. These systems are often used in properties with more than one bathroom and where a lot of water needs to be used at the same time. They are suitable for low water pressure or with old heating systems, where the higher water pressure provided by combi or system boilers may be too much. How to choose the right boiler for your home? We offer free professional advice There are also a huge variety of boiler manufacturers offering a range of models to choose from. In order to choose the right boiler for your home there are many factors to consider in terms of the type of boiler and performance requirements, before you can consider specific models that may be most suitable. It is of course important to consider both the existing central heating system, your usage requirements, as well as any improvements that you may wish to make to your hot water and heating system, such as smart heating controls as you will need to make sure the new boiler needs to be compatible with those too. As part of planning a replacement boiler or central heating installation our heating engineers will first assess the household before making any recommendations on boiler type and models to suit your requirements. If you require further information/assistance our contact details; Tel: 07500 334333. Email: Enquiries@ch4installations.com

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