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AJC Gas & Plumbing

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Started as a sole trader in February 2013. We carry out repairs, servicing and replacement of all domestic gas appliances as...

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About AJC Gas & Plumbing

Started as a sole trader in February 2013. We carry out repairs, servicing and replacement of all domestic gas appliances as well as general plumbing. We also have a contract with a well known local Estate/Letting agency for whom we carry out Landlords Gas Safety checks and repairs.

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Heating Engineer

Gas Boiler Installation, Servicing & Repair

Gas Fires

Gas Ovens & Hobs


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General Plumbing

Bathroom Installation


Water Tanks and Immersion Heaters

Power Showers and Pumps

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Cert-ain - Gas Fitting Operative - CCN1 - Core Domestic Gas Safety

Cert-ain - Gas Fitting Operative - HTR1 - Domestic Gas Fires and Wall Heaters

Cert-ain - Gas Fitting Operative - CKR1 - Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances

Cert-ain - Gas Fitting Operative - CENWAT - Central Heating / Hot Water Boilers and Circulators, Combination Boilers, Storage Water Heaters and Instantaneous Water Heaters

Verified Trades

BPEC (2)

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 - WREG

Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems - UHW10

All Advice by AJC Gas & Plumbing Advice

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Do I need a chimney for a gas fire?

Some gas fires do not require a chimney, balanced flue fires have a twin walled flue that draws air in from outside and expells the products of combustion to the outside air in a similar way to a combi boiler. Flueless gas fires use a different method involving a catalytic converter and will require a permant non closable vent to outside. As always, consult a Registered Gas Installer first. We always advise the fitting of Carbon Monoxide alarms when fitting gas appliances.

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Do I need a flue liner for a gas fire?

It is not always necessary for a flue liner to be used when fitting a new gas fire. The first thing to consider is what the manufacturers instructions say, most of these can be viewed online before purchase and if not you can request a copy from the seller. The next thing to do is contact a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) who will inspect the chimney and give guidance on its condition and what is required. If the chimney has been used for another type of fuel it will require sweeping and it is advised to fit a cowl to the chimney top to prevent birds nesting. We would recommend the fitting of a Carbon Monoxide alarm in the same room.

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What is a flueless gas fire?

A flueless gas fire does not require a flue or chimney to release the products of combustion (burnt gas) to the outside air. Instead it uses a catalytic converter to remove the harmful elements. Things to consider when choosing a flueless fire are - Size of room, the heat output of flueless fires is quite a bit less than a conventional gas fire so you may require some other form of heating in the room. A permanent uncloseable vent to outside will be required. Which wall you wish the fire to be mounted, this will also affect where the vent will be installed. Guidance for these requirements will be found in the manufacturers notes and should be read before purchasing. The fire will also require an annual service. The best advice is to speak to a Registered GasSafe Installer (RGI)

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Phone: 07592766734

Mobile Phone: 07592766734

Address: Littleborough, OL15 9JF