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31 Answers

Answered by SNC Electrical

30th January 2023

SNC Electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

The best consumer unit? Well isn’t that the $1million question. Each electrician will have their favourite I suppose. You have bigger brands such as Hager, Schneider and Wylex, but as with anything, bigger brands come with bigger prices. Fusebox is the new guy on the scene, and to be fair, they are good quality and reasonably priced. I suppose it’s all down to what budget the customer wants to spend. As long as you use one of the trusted brands, along with RCBO’s and SPD, you can’t really go wrong.

Answered by Efficient Electrics

3rd February 2021

Efficient Electrics answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Tough to answer. However I steer clear of dual RCDs boards in preference of RCBOs. The best board I have come across is one made by an independant called SBS trade, excellent value and product, but only one source of supply. I now fit the brand fusebox, as I find the product is good and it offers excellent value, however I also like Hager as well.

Answered by Synergy electrical

18th June 2020

Synergy electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I wouldn’t go as far to say there is a best but there a certainly some not built as well as others We use 3 brands pending on requirements of the installation Each electrician has their favourites I’m sure We use mainly Crabtree starbreaker Wylex nx range Schneider load centre There are certain brands we would avoid completely but wouldn’t be fair for me to say Regards

Answered by I H Electrical

28th May 2020

I H Electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

The best option with consumer units is to go all RCBO units as under fault conditions you will only lose the circuit with the fault. The alternative USA dual RCD which has two rcds covering a number of circuits problem being a single fault can make you lose several circuits at once causing much more disruption .

Answered by Eclipse Electrical Kenilworth Ltd

11th May 2020

Eclipse Electrical Kenilworth Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

In my opinion it would be Hager, everyone has there favourite for various reasons but for us its Hager due to the build quality, price, extensive range ,availability, large cable entries which suit trunking well, & stand off bracket if needed. We usually recommend a consumer unit fitted with a surge protection device & Rcbo's.

Answered by Stan Hill Electrician

9th May 2020

Stan Hill Electrician answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Everyone has their preferred boards,I usually recommend Wylex or Schneider as years down the line you can still get spare parts.Recently I have been installing Fuse box boards which have an SPD pre fitted and then fitting Rcbos,this is a good quality board and less expensive than the boards mentioned above.I like to give customers a choice,as it is up to them as to what they can afford.

Answered by Synergy Integrated Solutions Limited

18th April 2020

Synergy Integrated Solutions Limited answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

We tend to use Hager Consumer Units, they provide exceptional quality with a range of features and accessories. You can get split-load RCD Versions or go for full RCBO protection offering higher protection and less disruption should a fault occur. Hager boards do come in at a higher cost than most though. Another great option which we have recently started using are Fusebox by CP, these consumer units are great boards at a lower price than Hager. They still have a great range of options and accessories to choose from and are quickly becoming quite popular among electricians.

Answered by AW Electrical Services

19th March 2020

AW Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Hager overall for quality and price. Excellent range of boards, ways, breakers, accessories. Style, well priced, cable entries, clamps, spd, cable quality, busbar. Plenty of room for sorting out, keeping it today, room for RCBOS even though they have the single height ones.


14th March 2020

STS ELECTRICALS NORTH EAST LIMITED answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Many now are using fuse box comes with reinstalled surge protection offers full RCBO capability build quality and working space available excellent good busbar protection, Hager and Schneider offer excellent well thought out products but at a price the Hager split unit comes with pre installed 2 100amp RCD’s can be ordered with surge protection, can be ordered with square knockouts for trunking or round knockouts for glands, can be provided preloaded with MCB’s of your choice for your particular requirements and extra cost if you require RCBO’s which is the way to go if you are due a change and a reasonable budget

Answered by RCP Installations Ltd

27th February 2020

RCP Installations Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

There are numerous good quality consumer units, our preference for domestic installations is Wylex. For 3 phase installations we tend to use Hager which are quite expensive. Where budget allows, we prefer RCBO installation as it reduces nuisance should there be an earth fault. Both of these brands offer a good range of SPD's & AFFD's.

Answered by DCi Net Electrical

30th January 2020

DCi Net Electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

For those on a budget Fusebox by CP are a very good choice. They come in a good range of options including all RCBO and options with SPD for a very little more. Probably the easiest way to offer customers a 6 way & SPD for under £100 cost For those with a higher budget then Hager is the Rolls-Royce with top notch build quality and features. Various layout, knockout and mounting options. There is also SPD and AFFDs should you require full protection.

Answered by Martin Kaine

17th January 2020

Martin Kaine answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Best I fitted is the shneider,I find theres plenty of room and the quality of the consumer unit and mcb's are very good,I've fitted alot of the 3 phase units for commercial and industrial installations,the quality of the build are exsceptional,also the added extras you can get for additional contactor fittings are a lovely add on,the domestic consumer unit are good as well,with the surge protection and the mcbs/rcd as an all in one buy although more exspensive than the usual installs,I find Schneider has the edge

Answered by Hodgson Electrical

8th July 2019

Hodgson Electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

In my opinion as an electrician how has swappedand installed many consumer units I think the best quality domestic consumer units are Hager. They are the best to install and also have a great build quality. For three phase commercial consumer units I find the Schneider Electric brand to be my favourite again for build quality and easy of use. As with everything the better quality items cost more than the not so good quality items and I think it's definitely worth paying that little extra.

Answered by Thomas Chaney Electrical Services

2nd June 2019

Thomas Chaney Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

The best ones to fit in my opinion are Hager boards. They are far superior in build quality to any other unit that I have fitted. I try to get customers to use RCBOs over dual RCD to prevent the loss of more than one circuit in the event of a fault. However due to the cost implications they normally go for dual RCD.

Answered by A 2 Z Electricals (UK) Ltd

28th May 2019

A 2 Z Electricals (UK) Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

All consumer units sold in UK/Europe meets minimum safety standards specified by the relative regulatory body/ies regulations requirements. It depends on quite few factors while choosing a consumer unit and it's configuration. As an end user, your main focus and concern should be the safety, practicality and reliability. A consultation with a professional Electrician/Installer will highlight minimum requirements for the electrical installation and any further optional/additional features available for the installation.

Answered by Riverside Electrical & Property Services

21st May 2019

Riverside Electrical & Property Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

This is a very difficult question to answer and every electrician will probably give a different answer. A lot of electricians have a favourite brand, but will ultimately depend on the customer. Prices vary quite dramatically between brands, and whether the customer would like dual RCD or a full rcbo board, I feel rcbo boards are a better option, but not everyone are able to afford them, in which case I would fit a dual RCD board.

Answered by Infinity Electrics & Security Ltd

9th May 2019

Infinity Electrics & Security Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Generally I will fit Hager 5+5 split load consumer unit 99% of the time, although a board fitted with individual rcbo protection but can get expensive. There is a new regulation that has a recommendation for Surge Protection device to be fitted also when changing a consumer unit but there is a lot of different reasons for having this fitted.

Answered by Sparkright Electrical Services

18th April 2019

Sparkright Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

These days, most consumer units are of an equal standard, but in my opinion, the best type to install are RCBO versions. These allow for less nuisance tripping of breakers and will only trip the faulty circuit and not numerous as with the cheaper split RCD boards. Also makes fault finding a lot simpler and more cost affective.

Answered by Karl Chamberlain Electrical Services

17th April 2019

Karl Chamberlain Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I prefer to use Hager consumer units due to ease of fitting and configuration, and internal space for connecting cables. A good range of accessories to install and reconfigure. Most wholesalers stock Hager, either single phase or 3 phase applications. 3 phase boards are generally bigger but again give good space to install cables including large SWA cables.

Answered by ITS Technical Services

9th April 2019

ITS Technical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

We always use MK when we can, with a trusted brand and great after sales service for both technical and parts it makes our job easier. For 3 Phase installs we try to stick to ETON other well supported brand, a pet hate of mine is a board that has a mix of MCBs wehn added to later.

Answered by TB electrical

1st April 2019

TB electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

Wylex are my personal favourite consumer unit manufacturers but this is mostly to do with my familiarity with them. The mk consumer unit are good value, But that doesn't mean that they are the best when choosing it's determined by many other factors how many ways needed, cost, location, client's, Availability of products.

Answered by Newport Electrical Services

29th March 2019

Newport Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

When asking what brands are better there is no real answer to this question. the question should be, what type and size consumer unit do I need for my distribution of circuits? What location and design do I need to be inkeeping with my house? These are better questions. There are several brands out there that make a nice looking consumer units like Schneider, Hager etc these boards are great if you have the room available or are on display but can be pricey dependant on the design and size of the house. There are also several brands out there that make smaller scale consumer units like Wylex and mk etc these are great if your replacing in a small area or cupboard were size is an issue. To answer the question there are a number or board manufacturers out there that shine in different ways but what is best for you is not always what is best for the next job.

Answered by J K Electrical Services

28th March 2019

J K Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I personally prefer to fit either MK or Hager, both these units are well made and easy to work with. All units come in a variety of sizes to suit each installation as not all properties are the same. New consumer unit need to comply with Bs7671 18th edition and need to be of metal construction.

Answered by GES Electrical

27th February 2019

GES Electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I would go with Hager or schnider for domestic or Eaton Leiden for commercial. It’s a personal choice due to build quality and ease of install. I’ve installed cheaper brands to suit budget but remember, the best brands will have replacement parts longer than the “fashion brands”

Answered by M.E.T Electrical Ltd

27th February 2019

M.E.T Electrical Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

All domestic consumer units should comply with the current regulations, be encased or constructed from a non-combustible material and if installed correctly, all consumer units should be identical. As with all products, there are the lower cost, lower quality end as well as the higher quality products. Every electrician has their own opinions on which brand is best, and this generally is down to which they feel more comfortable installing. We install Hager consumer units and accessories (sockets/switches). We find Hager is more aesthetically pleasing and have good quality accessories.

Answered by Powernet-Electricals

23rd February 2019

Powernet-Electricals answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I like the MK or Eaton consumer unit, they are easy to work with plenty of space to terminate the cable. They are solid and reasonably priced , you can get cheaper boards but they are cheaper for a reason, its good to go with trusted brands because if a replacemend part is needed they are easy to get.

Answered by Oak Tree Electrical

22nd February 2019

Oak Tree Electrical answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I use MK or Wylex consumer units depending which side I want the main switch. If this isn't a consideration I go for Wylex. In my opinion they are both good quality units at a reasonable price. Both boards are well made and I have confidence that extra parts will be available in the future. You can definitely get cheaper units but you don't get what you don't pay for.

Answered by Lyttle Smart Homes NI

19th February 2019

Lyttle Smart Homes NI answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

There are a variety of consumer units available on the market which are we made and sturdy which is what everybody wants. There are also a lot of cheap boards which are extremely badly designed and not ideal for when customers want work done in a timely manner. I stick with Hager and MK as they both make great boards which are well designed and layed out well for the installer which allows for work time to be reduced.

Answered by Udell Electrical Services

11th February 2019

Udell Electrical Services answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

There are many different types of consumer unit. Some are cheaper than others. It’s all up to personal choice really. We normally fit Hager or Wylex consumer units as we find they are well made sturdy designs. There are cheaper alternatives available but these are cheaper due to the build quality and that replacement parts are harder to come by. If you have a new consumer unit installed you should always have one bigger than you currently need as this will mean that you have plenty of room to install alterations or new circuits in the future. Should you go for a well trusted brand of consumer unit then the parts should still be available

Answered by East Kent Electrical Ltd

10th February 2019

East Kent Electrical Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I always go with Hager Boards they are well designed and years later you can still get parts for them if needed unlike the cheaper manufacturers were an addition later might mean replacing the board again. Its not worth the few £ you might save on a cheaper board to be let down in a few years.

Answered by Electrical Innovations (Derby) Ltd

10th February 2019

Electrical Innovations (Derby) Ltd answered the question "what-is-the-best-consumer-unit-fuse-board"

I always recommend Hagar or other large brand name manufacturers. It is possible to buy cheaper items but it’s really not worth risking the safety of your home but sparing a few quid on your consumer unit. Surge protection and RCBO’s should also be considered if you want the best possible protection.

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