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Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd is a company that prides itself on our customer service and high standard of work. Ben Barton Est...

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About Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd is a company that prides itself on our customer service and high standard of work.
Ben Barton Established Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd in 2018 after serving over 15 years in the industry working for various companies.
Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd was born with a desire to carry out good quality work with a friendly smile.

What sets us apart from many other companies is our “CMDDA1” Qualification. This allows us to attend and carry out a full investigation if there is suspected “Carbon Monoxide” present in a property, or your “Carbon Monoxide” (CO) Alarm has activated.
Using specialist equipment, we will carry out all the necessary tests and repairs in order to get your appliances and gas supply back up and running with the knowledge that a thorough investigation has been performed by a Gas Safe and CMDDA1 Qualified Company.
You will receive a copy of the report with any additional work advised.

We carry out a wide range of services in the Plumbing and Heating Industry, including, but not limited to:
Boiler Service and Repair,
Boiler Installation and maintenance,
Heating System Repair and Maintenance.
Plumbing System Repair and Maintenance.

Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd feel it is vital that we keep up to date with industry standards and regulations and new products.
We attend multiple Manufacturers Training Courses throughout the year.
We are very proud to install and repair Viessmann Boilers, and can be found on the VIESSMANN “Find An Installer” Website.

Please feel free to call us on 07775 330132 for any Plumbing & Heating related queries or questions.
We look forward to meeting you.

Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd Skills

Verified Trades Skills

Heating Engineer

Gas Boiler Installation, Servicing & Repair


Gas Fires

Gas Ovens & Hobs

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Verified Trades Skills



Water Tanks and Immersion Heaters

Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd Accreditations

Verified Trades

ERS (2)

Installation of Unvented Hot Water Systems - UDHW

Gas Fitting Operative in Safe Gas Work - Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere & Appliance Testing - CMDDA1

Verified Trades

Gas Safe Registered

Registration No: 621631

Verified Trades

Vaillant (2)

Successfully Completed ecoTEC Commissioning and Servicing

Successfully Completed ecoTEC Diagnostics and Fault Finding

Verified Trades


Successfully Completed Baxi Main Training Course

Verified Trades


Attended The Logic & Vogue Training Course

Verified Trades

Other (3)

Kamco - Certificate of Attendance for Power Flushing & Descaling Course

Adey - Attended Adey's Best Practice Course

British Gas Engineering Academy - NVQ Award in Domestic Natural Gas Maintenance/Installation

Verified Trades

City and Guilds (6)

Level 2 NVQ in Mechanical Engineering Services - Plumbing

Level 3 NVQ in Domestic Natural Gas Maintenance

Level 1 Key Skills in Application of Number (2004)

Level 2 Key Skills in Communication (2004)

Level 2 Key Skills in Working With Others (Pilot) (2004)

Level 2 Key Skills in Problem Solving (Pilot) (2004)

Verified Trades

Viessmann (2)

Attended Vitodens 100 Training Course

Attended Vitodens 200 Training Course

All Advice by Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd Advice

Sometimes you need a little bit of advice before hiring a trade. Our community of professional trades are here to help.


What is the Baxi boiler e119 fault / error code?

An “E119” Error Code relates to “Low Pressure” in the boiler on the Heating Side. This can be usually be repaired fairly simply, but it is not advisable to do so if you are not confident with how to re-pressurise your boiler. You can go from a “No Heating & Hot Water” situation, to a potential “Flooding” situation. Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd do not recommend that the heating system is re-pressurised by a home owner unless they have previous experience in doing so and are confident with the correct pressures etc. Please call 07775330132 if you require any help or information on re-pressurising a Heating System.

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What is the Worcester Bosch boiler EA fault / error code?

An “EA” Fault Code on a Worcester Boiler can mean several things. “EA” fault codes or “EA” error codes according to Worcester Bosch boiler manual: “Indicates that the flame hasn't been detected”. In our experience we have found multiple reasons for this, and the most common being a blocked or frozen Condense pipe, or no gas supply found during ignition, amongst others. There are certain things a home owner can check, to help the Heating engineer narrow down his search. Has the gas meter run out of gas? Has the gas been turned off? Has there been any freezing conditions that could potentially cause the Condense pipe to freeze up? Under no circumstances do Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd recommend that anyone who isn’t Gas Safe Registered attempt to reset their Boiler during a fault code. It is imperative that you call out someone who is Gas Safe Registered, and is confident on working with Worcester Boilers. Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd have been to multiple Manufacturers Training courses in order to know how to safely work on, and correctly diagnose boiler faults. Please call 07775330132 for any help or advice on boiler faults.

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How long does a boiler service take?

This depends on which make of boiler is being serviced. Some manufacturers only want a full strip down and clean every 3-4 years. This then includes new seals and gaskets etc. Some Manufacturers recommend a full strip and clean service every year. Generally a service will be between 1 hour to 1 and a half hours. There are generic tests that need to be carried out during a service, but there are also “Manufacturer Specific” tests which are required to be carried out. At Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we feel it is vitally important for our Engineers to attend various Manufacturers Training courses in order to know how each one wishes their boilers to be serviced and maintained. Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd prides itself on carrying out our boiler services to a high standard, following Manufacturers recommendations.

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Air Plumbing & Heating Ltd Contact Details

Phone: 07775330132

Mobile Phone: 07775330132

Address: Burgess Hill, West Sussex , RH15 9NF